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Rochelle Handley, Whanganui

"As I flew up the hill, laughing out loud due to the speed and no effort required at all, it was confirmed that this was the bike for me. A mountain bike ride to work for my exercise and with the flick of a switch at the end of the day for an effortless ride home. I love my Benelli power-assisted mountain bike!"

- Rochelle Handley

Kim Dunlop-Roberts

"Thanks Hurricane Products, I love my e-assist bike! It's high quality, comfortable to ride, easy to handle, and the technology is simple to follow. I'm enjoying being able to cycle around the city and to friends' houses without too much effort at all!"

- Kim Dunlop-Roberts, New Plymouth

Mandy McGregor, New Plymouth

"I had this preconceived idea that having an e-bike was being lazy. I thought you didnt have to do anything, they just went. I took an Alpan mountain bike for a test drive yesterday in weather I would never consider going out on a bike on before, and rode actively for 2 hours, only turning on the electric side occasionally.

Now thinking about work and traffic, I am investing in one for myself, so I can get out of the office and get some fresh air on the way to meetings, and cut through some traffic. Never thought of it before, can't wait to do it now, even in winter."

- Mandy McGregor New Plymouth

" I received my New Benelli Lite E Bike as a "Birthday Present - Wow!! What a great gift. I feel like a little kid again as free as a bird! - with the added addition of a little extra power for those Hills..... Love Love Love my new Mode of transport".

- De Dawson, New Plymouth

Marilyn Davies, New Plymouth

"My Benelli ebike has enabled me to keep enjoying biking. Is simple to use, well balanced and powers up the hills with ease. Such a fun way of enjoying our beautiful city and countryside"

- Marilyn Davies, New Plymouth